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She treats students and adults alike -- like students. Elizabeth gives Principal Snur an appreciative smile. PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) And we got you a little something. ELIZABETH (V.0.) And I wish that I had gotten to know all of you better, but between four classes and planning a wedding, I had my hands full.

Any trace of sexuality she might have is wiped away by her adult pigtails. Or the wild success of the book drive for the women's prison sponsored by Ms. PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) You've only been with us for one short year, but know that you'll always be a part of the JAMS family. SIXTH, SEVENTH and EIGHTH graders all race past her, running toward their summer vacation. The kids look at each other and then pull out a bag with a couple of joints.

I mean, I like to be with a lot of different people.

TED And honestly, (sits up) I don't even know how I feel about the whole monogamy thing, is one person really enough for anyone? And I wouldn't even care whatever you do or I do, I just wanna have tons of fun, like no strings attached at all.

Wally turns to AMY SQUIRREL, late 20s, cute and wholesome. PRINCIPAL SNUR Thanks, Amy, (then, back to his notes) . She sports an enormous diamond ring and dresses slightly more cosmopolitan than the other teachers. He hands it to Elizabeth, who considers what to write for a beat, then smiles as she signs it. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY Elizabeth walks down the hall holding her box.

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    “I am so thrilled to be working with such an exceptional and legendary cast to bring ‘Someone Else’s Wedding,'” Kiely said.

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