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The use of special effects is seemless and yet again, as in his other films, Burton excels at creating a whole look and feeling for the piece.

He has managed to re-work the classic horror genre staying true to his own highly personal style and catering to post- Wes Craven cinema audiences' cynicism without taking itself too seriously a la Blair Witch.

Cheptai will battle out with the course record holder Lucy Kabuu who clocked in 2014 while Cheptai has a personal best of she set in Nairobi in 2014. One account in which common the actual just imagine spoken: ‘I have trouble with my body.

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See more » The opening credits - shown over Ichabod's travel to Sleepy Hollow - interact with the landscape: if Ichabod's coach is near a river, the words are reflected on the surface of the water; if he's in a forest the letters drift away like dead leaves, and so on.

See more » Drawing from his Gothic roots (Edward Scissorhands, Nightmare Before Christmas) Burton has created a truly chilling horrific fantasy that keeps you guessing at every turn.

Almost everyone suffers from it at one point or the other.

After being resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time, Ichabod Crane finds himself in modern-day Sleepy Hollow, where he quickly realizes that evil has awoken with him.

When Sheriff August Corbin is killed by the infamous Headless Horseman, Ichabod forms an unlikely bond with Detective Abbie Mills, a young cop who has her own childhood supernatural experiences.