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Decisions: Top Gear co-star James May called the decision a 'tragedy' and said he, Clarkson (pictured yesterday) and Hammond 'come as a package', suggesting that all three are now likely to leave the BBCFracas: The incident unfolded after Clarkson lashed out when he was offered cold cuts of meat instead of a hot steak following a day filming in Newcastle.

The BBC said Mr Tymon took himself to hospital after the row Announcement: BBC Director-General Lord Hall recorded a video message where he said Clarkson had to go.

There was the Fuck Art and Pimp exhibition, where Angela Marshall offered her drawings for blow jobs (later unveiled as a spoof), the show Was Jesus a Homosexual?

, and the time Decima’s joint curators Alex Chappel and David West gratecrashed the Tate dressed as a pantomime cow to "make people think".

It is understood he met face-to-face with the star on Tuesday to outline the decision before it was announced End of an era: Clarkson changed his Twitter biography to say he 'used to be a presenter on Top Gear' while co-star James May also hinted he would leave after changing his to say he was a 'former TV presenter'The BBC found Clarkson spent 20 minutes verbally abusing the producer in a luxury North Yorkshire hotel before launching a 30-second physical assault that led to another member of staff dragging him away.