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Adult service providers using our payment processing services will benefit from: Setting up merchant accounts for your adult entertainment business can be a challenge.

Due to the laws governing pornography, adult sex toy and video products, and other businesses geared at the 18 crowd, many banks are reluctant to work with the adult industry.

If you’re looking for somewhere to host your next party or event then you have come to the right place.

As a stripper of seven years, I know that my chosen work is not for everyone. If you wear little makeup, have hardly any tattoos, and keep your hair one color, you'll attract a wider audience that probably views you as less assertive. Don't let anybody pressure you into talking about what is YOUR personal business. A stripper's hustle is akin to speed dating: You're trying to gather information and get to know a total stranger in a very short amount of time.

I formerly worked in retail and healthcare, and I also know that those jobs are some of the most exploitative and depressing ways to make minimum wage. Before picking out your attire, find out what the club requires. Can you wear the same outfit for years until it falls apart? Ellie and Pleasers are two go-to, stripper-friendly shoe brands strippers rely on for footwear. My parents know that I’m an adult so it doesn’t matter. If you can counter passive-aggressiveness with polite assertiveness, you'll be successful in weeding out the would-be customers who are more trouble than they're worth A simple, "Have you been here before? Some folks want to talk, others want to listen to you talk, and many people will be happy to open up once you establish a rapport.

At the Dollhouse we are night owls, but we are also gentlemen – and know you want to be too. Women love to spend time with well-dressed men, and it shows them that you are putting an effort into getting their attention.

That said, we know that nobody teaches people at a university about how to behave around exotic dancers in an adult entertainment establishment, so we want to give you some general guidelines on how to act once you pass through our doors and see the beautiful women of your dreams. To have a good night out at the Doll House, the most important thing is to know how to treat the female strippers who are here to entertain you. Women love a man who can hold his liquor and drink a bit without losing his cool. They put a lot of effort into looking good for you – you can do the same for them! Be willing to talk about yourself in ways that spark a conversation. We are sure you are an interesting guy, so don’t be shy! Our entertainers are professional exotic dancers, and it impresses them when you act like a professional too. Say things that show them you are interested in them as a person.

All of our Hunks receive good reviews from previously booked bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and girls’ night in.