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tells the story of Oh, a sensitive alien (played by Parsons) who inadvertently sabotages his race's conquest of Earth; Martin is the captain who orders Oh's arrest, while Rihanna gives voice to Tip Tucci, the refreshingly wry preteen human who goes on a globetrotting adventure with Oh to evade capture.

lies in its depiction of how connections can make one feel less alone in the world.

The official full length trailer broke records on it's release in November to become the most viewed trailer in 24 hours.

It racked up 127.6 million views to dethrone Fifty Shades Darker which held the previous record of 114 million.

Disney’s approach of assigning a specific artist to a particular character was tried and true, and as old as That methodology allowed an animator to focus on and hone a single performance, the way actors immerse themselves in roles.