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He walked out of my apartment, and I assumed he needed to cool off. Over the past four years I pushed myself outside my comfort zone to meet new men. I dragged friends to Ok Cupid trivia nights, speed-dating events, and single's snowboarding meetups.

I also met men the old-fashioned way, such as at a friend's party or in a comedy class, and I allowed myself to be set up on dates.

Sure, our relationship had its ups and downs like all normal couples, but we were in love and planning to get married. I did what any recently single woman in her early thirties would do.

Then one night, we had a fight about him moving to NYC (we were doing the long-distance thing). I endured a good six months of breakup mode: sad crying, angry crying, wine drinking, ice cream eating, and angry yelling..then I put myself back on the market.

That was supposed to be my dating motto for 2017, but so far it’s been more legs open, eyes closed.