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Running on varied terrain keeps you on your toes, demands better forward form, and works opposite muscle groups in your legs and core. Maybe you like technical single-track littered with boulders and stumps to improve agility, or maybe it’s earthy double-track wide enough where you can cruise for miles. Here, we picked America’s top 10 trails for serious runners who like challenge and variety. The ultra-muddy reputation of this 7.5-mile out-and-back should do the job.Plus, explosive heart rate intervals on a low-impact surface ensure max cardio benefits with low risk of injury. Maybe you like hot deserts, cool forests, or high-altitude mountain ridges. The Lower Nanamocomuck Trail located slightly northwest of Conway, New Hampshire, was originally built with skiing in mind, but from March to November it’s open to runners and mountain bikers.I am associate editor of the British Medical Journal’s Open Heart, published in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society, and I sit on the editorial advisory board of several other medical journals.

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The discovery changes everything people have been taught about the history of North America – that is, that the Clovis culture represented the first inhabitants of the continent.

The results of the research were presented at the meeting of the Plains Anthropological Conference in 2015.

A hallmark of the toolkit associated with the Clovis culture is the distinctively shaped, fluted stone spear point, known as the Clovis point.

These Clovis points were from the Rummells-Maske Cache Site, Iowa ( In the 1990s, at the same excavation site near Austin, archeologists unearthed tapered-oval spear heads dating back 13,000 years.

Archaeologists in Texas have found a set of 16,700-year-old tools which are among the oldest discovered in the West.