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it’s really over, and you can’t fool yourself anymore. Unfortunately, he caught me just right, and my head whiplashed off the glass. They didn’t have GPS in those days, so I bought a map at a gas station so I could figure out how to get from my apartment in Rye down to Manhattan. It was an honor that I was lucky enough to hold on to for 14 years. Maybe right now, a lot of people remember me for that night in Pittsburgh.

For me, that moment came in Colorado on January 22, 2011.

He'll be put on LTIR when the 2015-16 begins, and cost the Panthers just 5K in real salary the next two seasons before it expires.

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To this day, everyone wants to talk about the Cooke hit. Hopefully at some point those hits will be totally out of the game.

I remember hearing the voice of our trainer, Don Del Negro, asking me what I felt. And that’s really what I want people to understand about my story. Yes, I am glad the hit I took led to some positive changes regarding player safety.

After his second season with the Generals, in which he scored a league-leading 139 points, he was selected 91st overall in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft by the New York Rangers.

He continued to play in the OHL for two more seasons and earned his second Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy as league leading scorer in 1996–97 with 130 points.

Savard then added 27 points in 15 playoff games, guiding the Generals to the 1997 J.