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Forget what’s on it and NEVER think about it again.Then you stand a chance of finding what you’re actually looking for.’ Sarah should know what she’s talking about.Mark the occasion with a shared party evening, exclusive or private event.

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Staff onboard got the fun started early, generously doling out wine and snacks.

Given that no singles weekend is complete without the uncomfortable get-acquainted sessions known as icebreakers, one staffer had the singles switch seats based on common interests.

the British series enthralling viewers on both sides of the Atlantic, is the world as imagined by Julian Fellowes: wistful, sharp-eyed outsider and dyed-in-the-wool aristocratic observer.

Visiting the show’s creator—as well as its “belowstairs” set and its upstairs, Highclere Castle—David Kamp learns how Fellowes found his calling, why there’s been a To go “belowstairs” at Downton Abbey, one doesn’t actually descend any stairs, but, rather, enters into a drafty, warehouse-like building at Ealing Studios, in West London.

The Spice London singles clubs are not your average singles clubs.

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    She treats students and adults alike -- like students. Elizabeth gives Principal Snur an appreciative smile. PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) And we got you a little something. ELIZABETH (V.0.) And I wish that I had gotten to know all of you better, but between four classes and planning a wedding, I had my hands full.

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    What are your favorite BDSM-ish things to do in bed? Man A: I was 18 when I found someone with compatible interests, but I bought myself a pair of cheap bondage cuffs when I was 16. Woman B: At first I was horrified that people could do this to themselves but the idea stuck in my mind.

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    I am in great shape, work out addict, box at a local boxing club, races catamarans, fishes and hangs out.

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