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Since the book’s 1984 publication, literalists who have swallowed whole Barris’ wildest claims — not only his exploits as a killer for the Company, but his harrowing time trying to avoid being killed by a concerted KGB plot — seem to have missed that the book is marbled with self-fictionalizing.What’s immediately clear in the first moments of the film is how Clooney and screenwriter Charlie Kaufman have wisely read Barris’ account as a man taking liberties with his own life, and thus they feel free to take even further liberties. narration delivered by Rockwell in a groggy semi-whisper as a kind of narrative underscore, pic cleanly and amusingly covers previous decades, including Chuck’s nasty formative sexual experience as a boy with his sister’s friend; his failing to make out with dates as a teen; his up-and-down first stab at a TV career at NBC in the mid-’50s; his experience with Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand,” including penning hit tune “Palisades Park” for the show and his quietly comic first encounter with Penny.

And now as Gwyneth, 41, enters the life of a singleton for the first time in over a decade, Mail Online takes a look back at her previous high-profile loves including co-stars Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, Scott Speedman and Luke Wilson.

Heartbreaker: Gwyneth Paltrow - who split from husband Chris Martin on Tuesday - has previously admitted she broke Brad Pitt's (pictured in 1997) heart and was responsible for the end of their engagement And although Brad (now 50 and engaged to Angelina Jolie), was lusted after by women the world over, Gwyneth has since admitted that she broke his heart and was responsible for the end of their engagement.

On a CIA mission in Helsinki, Finland, he meets female operative Patricia Watson.

He finds more success back home when The Newlywed Game goes on air.

When Barris is in his office reading a newspaper article, his secretary tells him over the intercom to pick up line one.