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The song isn’t an obvious choice to soundtrack an emotional scene on a cool show about a 30-something bachelor frustratingly dating his way through contemporary New York.It has a vivid narrative of its own—a betrayed lover’s parting message to a girlfriend he’s realized will never truly be his—that doesn’t match up with Dev’s situation, and it carries a distinct whiff of ’80s synth-pop cheese.

Furthermore, as the orbit moves over the year, the loci of these intersections will shift in latitude, yielding over time a global estimate of the relative wind and geographical biases between Rapid Scat and any other system in the constellation.

For the sun synchronous orbits, it is impossible to obtain this type of global collocation, since orbital overlaps tend to occur at very high latitudes, limiting coverage to either land or the Southern Ocean, where special conditions apply in terms of wind speed and stability that are not globally representative.

It’s a sparkling 60-degree day in the Sonoran Desert west of Tucson, Arizona.

From a rock ledge in the Waterman Mountains, visibility is better than 50 miles, and distant peaks frame the flat sweep of the Avra Valley.

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