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This is probably going to show my ignorance but I haven't heard of Data Macro's before so I will definitely look into that. Move Next Loop End With Option Compare Database Option Explicit Sub Opdateer() Dim dbs As DAO. Recordset Dim sql As String Set dbs = Current Db sql = "SELECT Orders.

Up to now I've only used classic vba macro's.

Value") Call Do SQL Next i End Sub Public Sub Do SQL() Dim SQL As String SQL = "UPDATE Lead Source " & _ "SET [Quantity] = " & LCt Lead Source & _ "WHERE [ID] = " & i Do Cmd****n SQL SQL End Sub(CBox Lead Source LS is a combo box I have on a form that has a list of all the values in the 'Lead Source' column.

This is so the user can select an individual item to get the stats for just that item) When I try running this I get this error: That second option worked brilliantly thanks.

I know that there will be an iif statement involved and a insert into but for the life of me I just cannot make it work.