Dating across cultures

I certainly never thought I’d be seeking tips on how to manage my daughter’s beautiful Afro!

Our ‘caramel’ kids love Toby Mac’s song, ‘Made for Me,’ especially when Toby sings of his wife, ‘Well I got white skin and she got brown skin, but milk and coffee’s always been a beautiful blend.’ Many people take one look at the dichotomy of our skin colors and can’t resist asking, possible for two completely different cultures to be joined as one? The coming together of any two individuals is bound to create some discord as expectations and assumptions go head to head in a clamor to come out on top.

For the most part, showing your partner you love them is more important than saying it, whether it be by going shopping with them or cooking their favourite meal – even if you hate doing so (like my dad holding my mom’s bags). I’d like to think the contrasts between the two aren’t necessarily opposing sides, but instead emphasize different aspects of each distinct culture.

steeped in cross-cultural communication my life was to become.

As Max said, "Not speaking each other's language forced us to communicate more not less, I think it actually brought us closer together and although we still have the odd communication mishap – we sometimes have to check what the other means – overall it seems to be going pretty well." While you might not be able to discuss world politics or the meaning of life in any great depth on day one, falling in love with someone from another culture can be a wonderful experience.

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