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The festival’s Episodics strand continues, with five new web series being shown in this second year.

Of the large number of submissions, Festival Director Janet Pierson said, ““When faced with a record 2,400 feature submissions, we had every intention to cut back on the total number in our lineup.

I’d wanted to call my son Scotty, but Scott Jeffrey didn’t sound as good as Jeffrey Scott. Moorhead is his stepfather’s name and when Scotty was enrolled in kindergarten, I was allowed to indicate a “preferred name” – my husband and I thought it would spare him confusion, especially since his biological father was completely out of the picture. Jeff chose to change his registered name after Tim Buckley died.

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SXSW announced today the 145 features being show in its upcoming SXSW Film Conference, March 13-21 in Austin, TX.

From a record number of 2,385 feature submissions will be shown new work by directors Hannah Fidell, Benjamin Dickinson, Patrick Wang, Ron Nyswaner, Alex Sichel, Ondi Timoner and Alex Garland, among many others.

Although his birth certificate reads “Jeffrey Scott Buckley,” his family had called him Scotty and used the surname Moorhead (from his stepfather Ron) as Jeff was growing up.

Mary Guibert explained how she chose Jeff’s name in correspondence with Carol, the original Jeff Buckley mailing list administrator: “OK! (Now, keep in mind that I was only 18 years old…there is no deep underlying meaning).

back on the West Coast, following my high school sweetheart to college in New York City.