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Interstitial cystitis is not a pretty medical condition.

A chronic inflammation that prevents the walls of the bladder from expanding properly, which in turn causes them to crack and bleed, it can hurt like hell.

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Pot has helped relieve some of her endless agonies. Starting an international movement to promote the benefits of cannabis was never Serra Frank’s intention when, in 2005, she created a simple My Space page.

The Boise, Idaho, native had been suffering from interstitial cystitis since 2002, although it took seven years to get a correct diagnosis.

They will run up to you if they see you on the street just to tell you about the newest, strongest strain they have. He wants you to come by yourself and will never tell you what his real name is.

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The products are the result of Campbell and Kwan's desire to fuse marijuana with "dinner party culture".