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An influencer is someone who people listen to online.When it comes to search engine optimization, having an influencer in your corner will mean more people link to your dating website, share your blog posts and trust your online content.

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While these might not be the most obvious sources of content marketing inspiration, their examples can be applied to various industries — not just in the world of love.

In fact, some dating sites have the best content marketing around.

One minute a person faces life without a romantic partner and in the next, they're joyously propelled into the welcoming arms of another.

A person can want so badly to be swept away by this sort of magic that they miss what should be deal-breaking inadequacies in their objects of desire. Some string this out for years, even marrying someone, before they fully realize that they are attached to someone who only brings them heartache.

If possible, have an influencer who is a subject-matter expert head up the content creation on your website.