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Instead, she supported Mike Savage’s successful bid for city hall. Mac Pherson calls the municipality’s current mayor a “good, funny, fun man,” but says Savage and city council can do better to lead the way on climate change.

“I don't think they realize what's happening, and they're failing due to lack of education on the subject,” she says.

However, author Terry Brooks (who wrote the novels of the same name which inspired the show) says that if MTV decides to bring Poppy Drayton back, there could possibly be a way…without her coming out of the tree.

“I will say that once a chosen becomes the ellcrys tree, they are always the tree,” he told JJJ, adding, “You’ll just have to wait and see what happens.” “I know that she probably wishes she’d gotten a different role, because she really liked the series, but her life was finite in that particular storyline,” Terry added.

After a long break from the sport, in 2006 I teamed up with former Australian Ironman champ and IM OZ run course record holder, Tim Ahern. The last 12 months, again after 2 years away from the sport, Ive been working very closely with coach Kristian Manietta, of Tri Specific. Ive got a lot of races penciled in this year, mostly to see more of the US and North America.

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    FML Today, I lost my keys while at the supermarket. My mother-in-law and I have a unique, open relationship... We're like good friends, that sometimes take it too far. Today, at the end of a 15 hour shift, my girlfriend and her friends played a "prank" on me by texting me from a random number saying my cat got hit by a car. FML Today, I had to watch as my deeply religious mother broke out in tears of joy, as she said how happy she was that I was waiting until marriage to have sex.

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