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Casey and Ben Affleck are both killing it in Hollywood, but they're paying for it with their personal lives.While both undeniably talented and handsome, the Affleck brothers have engaged in some seriously shady behavior over the years. He long dreamed of moving to New York City to become a filmmaker and began making short films.

Affleck was also rumored, per co-star Blake Lively.

Still, Ben's wandering eye dates back to his previous relationship with another famous Jennifer.

The idea of stripping out the stress of creation and just leaving the ability to share was wildly interesting to me.” People are leveraging technology to create a better world.

It sounds trite, but communication technologies provide us all with a way of sharing, making it harder to hide the aspects of life that need fixing and easier to share the aspects of life that need promoting.”favorite restaurants and his playground-like office.

The past seven years have been the best of my life... Yasmin described Rahul as her gaming partner, fellow geek, someone who could handle her mood swings and who actually feeds her distinguishing her mood swings from hunger, her shoulder to lean on, her serial killer documentary watcher, football rival, and her best friend.