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Every story has a purpose that moves Delilah toward the conclusion of the book. Victoria Thurman's writing is conversational and lyrical.You will feel like Delilah is chatting with you & you'll even want to offer up your own advice at some point (maybe a few times) because she is so lovable and naive, but not annoyingly so.

This definitely didn't seem like a debut novel, the author clearly has mastered her voice...loved the writing style so much. I think it would be SUPERB for a book club and would probably make anyone think about the dating dilemmas in their own lives. I enjoyed this delightful woman's book by first time author Victoria Thurman.

The simple plot that serves to illustrate a universal truth moves forward easily and steadily.

“If you’re just looking for sex or hookup, none of this matters,” said Aigen.

“But if you’re looking to make a more meaningful connection, then use your most important music, music that relates to who you are as a person–your feelings, your thoughts, your values, your worldview.

She graduated from Valdosta State College with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She thinks that if she turns 25 and she's still single that there will be NO CHANCE of her ever finding love. You will get a first hand look at the foibles this young woman deals with.