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Within three weeks the property was put in to escrow and sold in late May, according to property records, for .8 million.

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Parker had started playing piano since at the age of 12 years.

He is of an American nationality and of white ethnicity.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone sit slumped at a table, exhausted.

Their sense of humor has almost vanished, their energy disappeared, their anarchists’ willingness to say “f--- you” to anything that smacks of the establishment has utterly drained away. “The schedule throws you off so much,” says Parker, referring to their new Broadway musical, ’s creators decamped from Los Angeles for New York, they’ve plunged into a frenetic world of rehearsals, rewrites and directing their show — all with, between them, a wife, a girlfriend and two kids in tow.

So it's no surprise that Trey Parker and Matt Stone were on hand to mark the star-studded premiere of the Broadway production at Princess Theatre in Melbourne on Saturday.

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