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The repressive policies of South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem ultimately led to his assassination in 1963. The increasing number and intensity of insurrection activities by communists in both the north and south led the U. to fear that if Viet Nam were to become communist, it would produce a "domino effect" in which other countries in the area would also fall to communism. Therefore, they felt stronger and more direct actions were needed to fight this threat. Most importantly, an estimated three quarters of a million Vietnamese died as a result of the Viet Nam War. soldiers lost their lives, another 153,303 were wounded, and about 2,500 are still listed as missing in action. has healed many of its pyschological wounds in the decades after the Viet Nam War, its legacy still lingers in American society and can still divide us today.

Subsequent regimes didn't have any more popular support but were firmly entrenched, thanks to both the South Vietnamese and U. Their opportunity for full and direct confrontation came after the U. destroyer was supposedly attacked by the North Vietnamese on August 2, 1964, although several sources claimed the attach never actually took place. In addition, Viet Nam's economy and land (the basic livelihood for so many Vietnamese) were devastated and the nation is still recovering from the lingering effects of this devastation. not only lost a costly military war but also its sense of confidence, efficacy, and national unity. All these soldiers who fought in the war faithfully answered their country's call for service, many paid the ultimate price to defend our right to reflect on these events, but most likely, few completely understood what they were doing and why they were sent there. What we should all agree on however, is that Americans and Vietnamese suffered in many ways.

I have attached an article from the December issue of the DAV Magazine about mentorship.

In the photo sitting front row from right F Troop's own Jim Sursely.

Nonetheless, President Johnson succeeded in passing the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that effectively authorized full-scale U. In addition to entire families, the fundamental fabric of Vietnamese culture and identity was severely disrupted, if not completely broken. I hope that our efforts to heal, to remember those who perished, and to learn from this event will ultimately unite us all.

voted to drastically reduce military aid in August 1974, the South Vietnamese knew that their defeat was coming.

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