Akon and lady gaga dating

"She just blossomed into a super megastar," said Akon. Dre collaboration, except to say the record "actually sounds great. As for his own upcoming album, Akon says that in addition to Lady Gaga, he's also working with Dutch dance DJ/producer Chuckie, DJ David Guetta, who recently collaborated with Akon on "Sexy Bitch," and hip-hop heavyweight Dr. "You've got some straight hard-core hip-hop guys actually moving into the dance realm," Akon said.

“I saw that all coming,” Akon said when asked about his instincts towards Gaga. Akon, who co-penned ‘Just Dance,’ one of Gaga’s initial singles, also owns investment properties in Africa, as well. They shun it, so it’s mad cheap, so I grabbed it.” Akon, who was incarcerated years ago, said that he actually used his time in the slammer wisely and left the locked up life with a business plan in hand.

He divulged some of his real estate secrets, saying, “Anything on the waterfront, I want it. “I had a 10-year business plan, since you have nothing but time on your hands,” he said about killing time while in the big house.

“They practically had to shut down the store when people recognised me,” she says.

“I actually got scared.” Omotola is one of the biggest stars in Nollywood, the low-budget, high-output Nigerian film industry that churns out more English-language films than Hollywood or Bollywood (1,000-2,000 a year).

When I got it to the peak of where I felt it couldn't go nowhere, and there was nowhere left to go but down, I cashed out.