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Verner Suomi (1915-1995) was born and raised in Minnesota. Suomi's research and inventions have radically improved weather forecasting and our understanding of global weather.

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Satellites are small object orbiting around bigger objects.

The moon is actually a satellite orbiting around earth. Satellites can be used for military purposes, weather forecast, navigation (GPS), communication (data transmission), internet and much more.

The center is known for Earth-observing satellite research and development. The primary mission objectives are: 1) To demonstrate the performance of four advanced sensors (risk reduction mission for key parts of the NPOESS mission) and their associated Environmental Data Records (EDR), such as sea surface temperature retrieval.

2) To provide data continuity for key data series observations initiated by NASA's EOS series missions (Terra, Aqua and Aura) - and prior to the launch of the first NPOESS series spacecraft.

Because of this second role, NPP is sometimes referred to as the EOS-NPOESS bridging mission.