Automatic updates keeps updating same patch

Some users reported that Windows would not start at all anymore and several other issues such as that the Microsoft Management Console would ask for admin credentials while logged in as an admin or that the installation of Microsoft Security Essentials failed.

The update that caused the issue this time is KB3004394.

After following both procedures (on a virtualbox I reset back to the same snapshot) I still had the hung update search. I have no idea what update got everything sorted out but using this sledge hammer I was able to get a bunch downloaded and installed.

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All solutions listed above didn't help to obtain updates while using x64 Windows 7 SP1 Home Basic - really tried them (even twice).

Not counting waiting for 4 days as solution I even want to try.

Originally Posted by nezlek As more Lineage OS builds come on line and multiple "nightly" update builds for devices start to appear, one of the issues users may face is the how and why of installing them.

This is far from the worst thing that has ever happened, but WHAT, for instance WOULD be the recoveries that DO allow for automated updates?

I recently had the same problem and solved it by shutting down windows and then restarting it. Only at shutdown it started installing updates and then the next boot it found the next set up updates.