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If anything, the pictures only fuelled further public interest in their relationship.The latest speculation is that SRK and Priyanka may have taken the relationship one step further.

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Starring together in a couple of films, the two developed a closeness which was abhorred by SRK’s wife and close family friends alike.

THE MIDNIGHT NIKAAH Priyanka who was boycotted by few member’s of the film fraternity for driving a wedge between “Bollywood’s perfect couple” found a shield in her boyfriend; SRK.

Priyanka Chopra's love life has forever been a mystery to the whole wide world.

The girl has never come out in the open or even spoken about her relationships, though she has hinted at having one a few times, like she did recently in an interview with Filmfare.

"When there is a ring on my finger, which is actually given to me, then I'll tell the world.