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You can see how far apart the two structures are from this great camera [email protected], The Al-Aqsa Mosque is not the building with the golden dome on top of it.

lets you watch NASCAR live during this six-week stretch of the June and early July NASCAR Sprint Cup calendar. NASCAR Race Buddy provides ten – count ‘em – ten different camera angles for you to choose between, plus full screen and customized mosaic view capabilities.

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I have a friend who through the internet finds people from all over who she hasn't seen in decades; I can't find even one (live) person. @Nora, You're most welcome, but before 1990 means in the first Anti Fada, before the stupid Oslo agreement and before..., before..., before.... I actually wanted to make contact with him (taking for granted that the place was family-owned) to inquire about the well-being of a person I met there whose name I was too stupid to ask (which would have made things a lot easier) but that he knows very well.

Race Buddy will give you a NASCAR livestream on the day of the race, plus you’ll be able to watch Friday afternoon qualifying races on the Friday preceding each race.