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I said yes to 'refresh path' and it took about 3 minutes to clean the library. I went into the source folders of the system and deleted the xxvideos78as suggested on the forums, on XBMC, removed the source, cleaned the library and re-started. I added the source again and the same issue, no scrape to update the library. Just to be certain, I added a new movie and on start up, the auto update spotted it immediately. I put 3 TV Shows in another folder called 'Test TV' and the scraper worked fine. I removed it and re-added, no luck, updater pops up and goes straight to compress database. I'm currently using Boot and Nuke to re-format and clean the HDD, I'm thinking that somehow a TV shows library is lurking around!

I then went back to set content changed the scraper back to TVDB, clicked OK. I repeated step 2 above, went to System Files, added the source, selected TVDB as the scraper and again, the update library pop up appeared, went instantly to compressing database and then disappeared. There is an issue with the source TV Shows, it doesn't think there's anything new there. Here's the kicker, I downloaded OPENELEC 4.0.4, installed it (by virtue it wipes the drive?

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It looks like there is a fix needed, so here it is.

Ok, let’s go to SYSTEM and then FILE MANAGER As you can see I am using the AWESOME WOOKIE BUILD and I am running Kodi Isengard 15.2 on my T8-AML-V3S.

Check out some the great deal on these devices by Once you have FILE MANGER open, select PROFILE DIRECTORY, on some systems, like mine you may need a “double click” for this.

Now Select DATABASE, again, you may need a “double click” You will now be able to see the contents of the Database folder.

If you did not "Set Content" when you added a source, you can do so later by selecting the source and bringing up the contextual menu ( You can also "set content" for subfolders, even if the parent folder has content set that is using a different setting.