Did ellen page dating joseph gordon levitt

The daughter of a teacher and a graphic designer, Page took an interest in theater from a young age.

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(2009)—the former film showcased Page as a Dennis Quaid's secluded and emotional daughter, while the latter film, directed by Drew Barrymore, put Page in a helmet and knee pads as part of a roller derby league.

Sidestepping her usual quirky, comedic roles for something more serious, she starred in Page publicly came out as gay during a conference in Las Vegas in February 2014.

The actor had previously explained during an interview on "My son, he's just a baby, you know?

He hasn't made the choice to be in the public eye, and that's a choice that I would like him to be able to make when he's older, when he can think about these kinds of things and make that decision for himself.

He kissed Ellen Page to make it seem to the projections in the dream that they were a couple.