Qprogressdialog not updating Xxx vides cam3g

In this post I'll write a simple app that fetches top posts from few different subreddits (subsections of reddit.com) while following API rules of 1 request per 2 seconds to illustrate the issues you encounter if you try to do it all in one thread.

qprogressdialog not updating-72

If you don't understand what some parts of it are doing check out that blog post before continuing.

(continued)GUI coupling You will want to subclass Message_Progress Indicator to couple with your favorite GUI toolkit you are using to develop your application.

This property holds whether or not a progress bar shows its progress inverted. This property holds the descriptive text shown with the progress bar.

This can be problematic if, for example, you accidentally use a member that only exists Py Qt5 and later try running your software with a different binding.

And another question, after the ouptut file is produced how should I open it the current map (make it visible in the table of contents)? Qt Gui import QFile Dialog ## ##path definition: code copied & pasted from _init_(self, iface) method ##from the plugin' s main module & CLASSNAME: the plugin' s classname locale = QSettings().value('locale/user Locale')[0:2] locale_path = join( self.plugin_dir, 'i18n', 'CLASSNAME_.qm'.format(locale)) if exists(locale_path): self.translator = QTranslator() self.translator.load(locale_path) if q Version() '4.3.3': QCore Application.install Translator(self.translator) ## overlay Analyzer = Qgs Overlay Analyzer() intersection_result= "result_name" intersection_result_path = QFile Save File Name(self.dlg,"Save result as", locale_path, "shapefiles (*.shp)") overlay Analyzer.intersection(layer1, slayer2, intersection_result_path, 0) self.Vector Layer(intersection_result_path, intersection_result, 'ogr') ## from qgis.analysis import * from Py Qt4.