Christian dating books for men

Third, once you decide that you are ready to date, look to God's Word to decide the kind of person to date, and evaluate potential dating partners on those criteria, rather than relying primarily on the world's treatment of ideas like "attraction" and "chemistry." I wrote at some length on this in my article, "Brother, You're Like a Six." For you busy singles with time for only one mildly irritating column per day, the summary is this: Pick a potential dating partner with an eye toward godly manhood and womanhood — with an eye toward who would make a good husband or wife, defined by those characteristics esteems in His Word, not the ones Hollywood likes.The world of dating can be confusing enough without all kinds of conflicting messages reaching out to Christian teens today.

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The most reliable port-of-call for discovering a world of role-models, as well as the negative examples, sources of practical wisdom and words to turn to in difficulties, is the Bible.

And, amongst the plethora of different Bibles, here’s a list of ones specially curated to help guide Christian men on their journey.

Second, are you at a place in your life at which you are ready and able to marry?

As I've written on this site before, "practice" and "recreation" are not good reasons to date.

In other relationships, I began to think that some of the things I had wanted in a husband were perhaps more wishful thinking than things that could actually be.