Updating gps data gm vehicle

What about other vehicles and equipment in your fleet?

Telogis powers fleets of all sizes, including many of the world’s largest. Vehicle must be equipped with On Star hardware and have active On Star connectivity; paid On Star subscription not required.

“Creating and updating maps using on-board camera technology supplies the missing link between on-board sensing and the requirement for full redundancy to enable safe autonomous driving.” Mobileye expects to eventually achieve localization at an accuracy of about 10 centimeters compared with today’s GPS, which can pinpoint to about 10 meters.

On Star serves more than 7 million customers with a 24/7 human touch, in the U. On Star recorded its 1 billionth customer interaction in 2015.

Reading the manual before walking out to the driveway is recommended. It's intended for use on motorcycles, but it also has provision to mount inside a car rather than on the handlebars.

The unit comes with a Ram handlebar mount, and there's no better way to attach stuff to a motorcycle.

Available for immediate purchase, we’re excited to now offer an OE-grade solution to upgrading the factory infotainment system in your General Motors vehicle to include GPS and turn-by-turn directional mapping technology from HERE.