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The Membership Plan makes taking music lessons easy.

Designed for adult students and kids alike, this is the ideal plan for students who generally want regular weekly lessons at the best price per lesson.

A: Nope (see Adjustments and Scheduling in the policies). You can start anytime, and we will prorate your first month’s payment. While we recommend weekly study, if you are heading to India for a month or have a big promotion coming up at work, we can pause your membership.

Q: I’m only in Boston for 2 or 3 months – can I still become a Member? You can specify an end date to your membership when you enroll, or you can always give one month notice to end your membership. Q: I don’t want to dropout, but I’m going to be away/very busy for a specific time period coming up. Depending on the circumstances, we may need to arrange a new lesson day/time for you when you return. The membership plan requires a 2-month minimum commitment.

Sometimes they want to see their options for a product category, but often times they just want to justify to themselves why it’s OK to buy that product they really want.