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Warning - the game in question contains some NSFW content, and my discussion contains references to some of it. A few days back, a group of developers from 4chan finally released their long-in-development dating-sim/Visual Novel, Katawa Shoujo.This is being billed as 4chan's game - more or less on that basis alone, I think that warrants a thread.Im excited to see what they come up with but Im not letting myself get completely carried away.

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Unless they do the joke morrigan thing and ridiculously scale them up. whether they just have Ruby, or add a whole freaking ten… Back on topic though, I wonder what size roster we're looking at here.

BB has like 40 characters, P4U has 21, UNIEL has 20 and RWBY has god knows how many.

It's largely a mvc2 situation just looking from thr sprites.

It'd be kind of odd if she was the only English-voiced character when everybody else is speaking Japanese though...

Especially given that Daisuke music is largely voiceless.