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But she did catch his star sign, which was Scorpio, and that of his friend, who was Aries. He was ginger ‘or blonde’ (that doesn’t really narrow it down, but we think more ginger/light strawberry blonde than blonde), around 6ft 2in tall, and had blue eyes.He was also wearing an army green jacket or shirt and had a tragus piercing – just like Dina.

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Ein großes Angebot, bei dem das Herz eines Schmuckliebhabers schneller schlägt, wartet auf Sie.

The mysterious stranger returned to the UK the next day before the 23-year-old could get his details.

Dina, who lives in the Dutch capital, didn’t even catch his name when she met him at club Escape on a night out.

The painful process allowed the group, led by former Tiger Tiger nightclub chief executive Steve Richards, to cut its debts by £263m.