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The guideline to wait to date is inspired counsel from Latter-day prophets. Hazards exist if you date before you are emotionally and mentally able to deal with the physical feelings that come from serious relationships.

When choosing someone to date, look for and date only those people who have high moral standards.

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Do they really think it’s okay to be disorganized and unreliable?

Perpetually late arrivers usually don’t see their bad habit as falling into the “poor manners” category, but that’s exactly where it is.

And, while I was pouring water and handing it to the youngsters who were first to swarm the area like a pack of piranhas, only little girl out of the dozens there thanked me.

Others were piling their plates high with as many cookies and brownies as they could stack into a tower, grabbing their drinks from me, and no parents were in sight to correct this behavior.

I know lots of punctual members, and strain to have patience with those who aren’t.