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n the whole, fewer US families have opted out of school-required immunizations in recent years, thanks in part to stricter state laws.

But data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that, while nonmedical exemptions (which includes religious and philosophical opposition) are on the decline nationally, they’re rising in certain states, including states that haven’t previously been considered hotbeds of anti-vaccination sentiment — which may put those areas at risk of a disease outbreak.

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Each year, states and other grantees are asked to provide an update of any changes in childcare and school entry vaccination requirements.

This annual update reflects state laws, regulations, or rules that impose vaccination requirements for enrollment and attendance in childcare facilities, kindergartens, middle schools, and colleges.

But for those who have experienced the consequences of a lax vaccine policy, there is no question that there is a need for laws like the one proposed in California.

Chris Loop’s child, Mobius, was one of those who was infected during the Disneyland outbreak, doesn’t see the issue as one of parental autonomy.

Yet in countries where vaccines are readily available, parents sometimes refuse to vaccinate their children.