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updating to a new linux kernel-82

Albeit being about 6 months late, Tesla finally started pushing the new Linux kernel update to the center console in its vehicles this week.

While it’s only a backend upgrade, Tesla CEO Elon Musk associated it with several long-awaited improvements to the vehicle’s user interface.

Hence the configuration file of the new kernel may have new entries the configuration file of the old kernel doesn't have, and it might not have entries anymore which are present in the configuration file of the old kernel.

To deal with such changes of the configuration file, the configuration file of the old kernel needs to be converted to a configuration that can be used with the new kernel.

I upgraded to v3.16.7-ckt8 ( linux-image-3.16.7-031607-lowlatency_3.16.7-031607.2015031‌​11033_amd64.deb) which is running but still no trackpad. All that said, if I get my system up again, I will go direct since I found the terminal commands for rc6 There is a much simpler way of doing this, and it's the way I use.