Older women dating younger men 2016 forbes best city for dating

Whether it’s a new trend or a stable new way of life since 2015, it’s happening, and quite a lot.

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As well, there’s a lot of instability as far as being able to stay in a committed and exclusive relationship for very long. Unfortunately, young guys predominantly can’t handle strong women in every way, even if they can handle them in the ways that they might “feel” they’re able to.

It almost seems that long term isn’t part of a younger man’s vocabulary. For example, young guys feel that they look better, have better sex drives, and are man enough in every way when it comes to dating an older woman.

Likewise, the lead researchers told The New York Times that while the women also reported some age-related anxiety (hearkening back again to the older men-younger women romantic custom), the couples overall were quite in happy.

In fact, the most significant relationship stressor cited was catching flack from outsiders who assumed, like You Tube buddy's bros, that something must be inherently amiss about these couples.

Whether they’re more so momma’s boy types or even if they have their own independence, there are some stable issues that I’ve been hearing about more and more.