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However, I think you'll discover far more feminine looks you can achieve in other parts of your body.

These other details are the real difference between the weekend crossdresser - and the knock out Queens.

When I'm heading out to an environment where voice is important - I listen to music by one of my favorite female vocalists - and start singing along with her. Included is a link to a TS gal with a whole program on improving your fem voice. " Perhaps nothing will enhance you fem appearance as easily as painting your nails and toes.

As I find my fem inflection, I stop the music and start speaking in that tone. In general, you'll find most feminine voices have a degree of musical melody to them. Start your fem nail development by getting a basic male manicure and pedicure if you can.

I often listen to the podcasts shaving, cooking and what have you because they worked for me and I want the reinforcement.

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