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I didn’t want to be labeled “demanding” so I became “Darren’s wife” with one sole purpose…not to have an identity of my own. They just passively follow through with no hesitation or questioning.I found myself trying to deny my real feelings and emotions about my husband’s addiction in order to be attractive to him.The goal of the University of Memphis-wide initiative, Critical Conversations, is to use our collective scholarship to sustain and facilitate a democratic and civil society that values diversity, civil rights, human rights, and nonviolent movements and initiatives.

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In 1995, the Tennessee General Assembly created the Sex Offender Treatment Board in the Department of Correction.

The General Assembly declared, TCA 39-13-702 (a), that the "...comprehensive evaluation, identification, treatment and continued monitoring of sex offenders who are subject to the supervision of the criminal justice system are necessary in order to work toward the elimination of recidivism of such offenders." To that end, the General Assembly charged the Board with these activities: Additionally, the Board was charged with researching and analyzing the program effectiveness, developing and prescribing an offender tracking system and developing a system for monitoring offender behavior.

Historically, the Board's work emphasized development of a statewide system of professionals specializing in sex offender treatment.

This foundational work was essential due to the deficit of treatment professionals with specialized knowledge and training of the adult and juvenile sex offender populations.

For eleven (11) years, the Board has provided specialized training in sex offender treatment techniques through an annual training conference.