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She is now ready to get back to her musician duties with the new album . 23, reaching cities like Los Angeles, Boston and New York.

Her signature synth-pop sound is given a harder edge with a drum machine and grimy electronic beats. Full tour dates are posted on Light's official website.

Rays of synths, though, lead to track's familiarly bubbly chorus wrapped up in words of encouragement.

Always one to cheer on the underdog, her airy voice sings, "From down this road, it's only up we go, up we go." Lights returns with a formidable pop tune featuring some hallmarks of the singer's beloved past hits. In support of her new music, Lights will also kick off a tour in Kitchener, Ontario on Oct.

Unlike the other Fraser Valley municipalities, Mission is mostly forested upland with only small floodplains lining the shore of the Fraser River.