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The island also has lots and lots of railway lines. Tidmouth now contributes to the country's revenues by being an excellent port, owned by the North Western Railway. The native language, Sudric, is dying out, but the rugged and beautiful scenery, and the fishing, particularly in the mountain lakes, attract holidaymakers from all parts.If you have problems downloading or opening the files, solve them here: How to Use this Website.

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Sodor has a coal mine sufficient for its needs including for its railways.

Lead, zinc and silver are mined, and the island stone has excellent weather-resistant properties.

In other word for best game play results use ZDoom.

Make sure you have doom2in the same folder as the and

After delving into the Game_Sound_and modifying the wav files inside, I was able to find the track names associated with the soundtrack/jukebox IDs provided by Mathayus on the smacktalk forums. Had them in my tool in the beginning but the method to replace them isn't the same... Some one needs to find out how it works and which offsets are needed.