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Find out more » Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk explores Northern California's pivotal role in evolution of punk rock - the loud, intense and anti-authoritarian philosophy of music and politics that arose in the late 1970s.

Early San Francisco Bay Area punk pioneers like Dead Kennedys, Avengers and Flipper as well as the Maximum Rocknroll fanzine helped take the punk underground global.

Recommended." -- Tony Crowell New novel available in manuscript entitled: HOW THE SIXTIES ENDED: or The San Francisco Poetry Wars. Most of my work is available for purchase on Amazon kindle books. v=TQvs Sdjc Ev M or plug in jerry ratch to, and it comes right up.

Also, a new novel manuscript of flash fiction letters from both male and female perspectives entitled: ADULTERATED MEMOIRS. new book: click on link for online echapbook: How the Sixties Ended song "Three Good Hubcaps" by Jerry Ratch, music by Tom Casesa: https://

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Growing up, ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas Movie Marathon was an integral part of holiday prep.