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In case you missed it, a photo of Minaj and Nas popped up on Instagram this week, giving fans on social media plenty of reason to believe they’d entered a budding romance.

The photo in question, posted to Minaj’s account, was taken at Sweet Chick (co-owned by Nas) in New York City.

News."They met about a month ago when a mutual friend introduced them. And while Electra is 41 and Cooperman is 30, we are told "the age difference doesn't bother either of them, it doesn't matter. "He's gorgeous and a lot of fun."And the feeling seems to be mutual, with a second source saying, "Tal is happy as hell."Meanwhile, Electra appears in the latest issue of where she flaunts her enviable figure in some white-hot lingerie on the cover."I feel more comfortable now. "I feel like I'm in a really good place in my life and just being in that space makes you feel sexier."No doubt her new relationship has something to do with that!

A.-based CRSL clothing line, are dating, a source confirms to E!

Carmen tells her parents she wants to start dating, and she brings home a boy from her school for them to meet.