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After looking through the app and parental reviews I'm disgusted by what I've seen. It was me who replied to the chat not Morgan but there was loads of messages from random people. umm well it's kind of a game where 40-year-olds talk to your kids and you might be thinking that it's for kids because it's blocky and stuff but I know that trap because I fell into that trap and became addicted.

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PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad – A Mayaro father regarded as a community stalwart will spend the next 20 years in jail for committing five sex acts on of of his four daughters, including trying to have sex with her at their home.

According to the evidence led by state attorney Sarah de Silva and Sabrina Dougdeen-Jaglal, the father, a single parent, began sexually interfering with his daughter on March 31, 2008, when she was 15 and it continued until October 2009.