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It reduces water consumption by 50 % using drip and sprinkler irrigation techniques, and of course, the type of crop must be considered while choosing the method of irrigation," explains 20-year-old Febin Thomas, who says that the idea struck him after he read about auto-irrigation theories on the internet almost a year ago.PALS is an initiative by the IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Center that is aimed at benefitting students and faculty of engineering colleges in and around Chennai.The members of the team, Febin Thomas M, Visalachi S, Prema C and Kiran Lalwani N belong to the Department of Information Technology.

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However, truncation of the intracellular domain resulted in uniform cell surface distribution of ICAM-1.

Mutation analysis revealed that the C-terminal 21 amino acids are dispensable, whereas a segment of 5 amino acids () in the NH-terminal third of intracellular domain, is required for the proper localization and dynamic distribution of ICAM-1 and the association of ICAM-1 with F-actin, ezrin, and moesin.

Their project even bagged the third place at inno WAH!

, a pan-IIT Alumni Leadership Series (PALS) innovation challenge competition.

Some features shown are only available on the Mevo Beta app version 1.5.

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