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Indubitably, they both took a hit and considering both are in the news more for what they are doing for the Gospel, I would say this could create a ripple in the financial blessings of both of their worlds. But the well-known healing minister says the relationship is over. Here’s a news flash – I’m married, and I have “friendships”. But just in case the Church wasn’t on to the rouse Captain Nehru was exhibiting, there’s more to this uh, “confession”: … Friends don’t let friends get caught by the Yes, Brother Benny.

So, here’s a thought: Brother Benny, what in the world do you call the “things” you have with fellow male ministers in the TBN circuit?

A friendship developed between the two and after dating for some months, Paula accepted Randy’s proposal of marriage and married him in 1999.

While Randy and Paula didn’t have any kids together, she was a step mother to Randy’s three kids from his previous marriage, Kristen Renee, Angie, and Brandon and of course, she was mother to her own son from her previous marriage, Bradley.

Before walking back through her tumultuous past few years, she told them, "I think it's time we stop being hypocrites in the pulpit. it's time that we take the mask off to this generation and show them that we have the same issues and the same struggles.""We (sic) going public with all our stuff. White had risen to prominence as a preacher, motivational speaker, author and TV personality after co-founding what is now Without Walls International Church with her husband and starting her own ministry.