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We chose these guys based on a variety of factors: Career, pedigree, looks, and the size of their bank accounts.

She's also the victim of a mugging alongside potential father-to-be Gunnar.

Rayna's daughter Daphne Conrad (played by Maisy Stella) doesn't seem to be processing her mom's death well; she falls in to the wrong crowd as her stepfather Deacon tries to intervene.

There is no news yet on who the mystery man was, but general consensus on the internet is that he was trying to make a move on Kourtney.

If Drake plans on dating the mother of three – he better step his game up, fast.

Interestingly, Kourtney went on a boat ride with her children and the same man the day of the park date! Scott Disick has been radio silent since his baby-mama’s park date, sources say that he is not taking Kourtney dating well at all.