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Payors of interest, dividends and other reportable payments must withhold income tax equal at a rate equal to the fourth lowest rate applicable to single filers if they fail to supply a federal id # or if they fail to certify that they are not subject to it.

All or portion of an ACCOUNT, loan, or note receivable considered to be uncollectible. State laws that regulate the ISSUANCE of SECURITIES. Individuals responsible for overseeing the affairs of an entity, including the election of its officers.

Disqualifying activities All money raised by the issue of relevant shares must be employed wholly for the purpose of the qualifying business activity within a time limit of two years, see for recent case decisions.

Small Print The rules on EIS are found in Part 5 of the 2007 Income Tax Act.

Substantive tests of financial information which examine relationships among data as a means of obtaining evidence.