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Her work is currently published throughout the world in over thirty languages.

For more information, visit the author's website at follow her on twitter: [email protected] FOR SHERRY ARGOV: One of "The 10 Most Iconic Relationship Books of the Past Ten Years." --Yahoo!

" --Fox News Channel"A must-read at Sunday brunch." --New York Daily News"Why Men Love Bitches flew off the shelves....

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Images a la con Tohom " data-medium-file="https://realchristianmcqueen.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/images_a_la_con_tohom-230.jpg? w=300" data-large-file="https://realchristianmcqueen.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/images_a_la_con_tohom-230.jpg? Be the guy ‘liking’ and writing comments like this one, “You’re so pretty! 9/10 times the girl is actually NOT a saint and you’re getting played. Fucking Fatties To Get Validation This is an easy trap to fall into because in some measure it validates you that A GIRL does like you. Don’t dumpster dive because it’ll only reinforce any negative thoughts you might have about yourself.

” (insert gay emojis) “Can’t wait to see you tonight! ) Insert any type of text just to get her chatting about mundane shit because you left your balls at home. Asking For Compliments From Girls This one is huge. It screams “I’M WEAK AND NEEDY AND WANT VALIDATION! If you’re a naturally good looking guy and are an easy charmer a small does of self-deprecation can work very effectively, but don’t over-do it. Replacing Flirting With ‘Being Friendly’ Ah this is a big one, because it’s easy for guys to just ‘be friendly’ with girls then admit they DO like the chick and want to flirt with her.

Don’t get offended, instead take the bowl of tough love I’m dishing out and improve. Been thinking about you all day” “Been thinking about you all day lol” (this is a weak attempt to see if she’ll reply expressing her feelings) “But I love you” “Do you like me anymore? ” (sigh) “I’m excited for our future” (Somebody help this dude. Trust me, they will) “How come you don’t text me back sooner? If you have your shit together and a good lifestyle the compliments will come anyway. Don’t be a weak wristed boy who needs to invoke pity in chicks to make yourself feel better. If you want to get laid and be attractive to women then carry yourself as an alpha male who is unapologetic for his desire to have sex with pretty girls and enjoy life. Using The Phrase “She’s Not THAT Type Of Girl” Take the pussy off the pedestal.

Instead I’m here to help you fix these flaws and become a better man. When in doubt of sending a text along these lines don’t. Obviously, as men we love compliments and getting our egos stroked, but don’t be the dude who asks for compliments from girls, or hell anyone for that matter. On the flip side if you’re used to using pity as a way to get girls’ attention then you’re fucking up. This is also how some cats get friend-zoned within seconds of meeting a girl.

Her first book Why Men Love Bitches was named one of the "Ten Most Iconic Relationship Books of the Past Ten Years" by Yahoo, and "America's top relationship guide" by Book Tribe.